Armenian Lavash, Tonir and Tradition

The Making Of Armenian Lavash
The Making of Armenian Lavash

We can talk about all we want from where Armenian Lavash came from: was it from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran? I just want to say that we equally love this delicious bread, and not only.

Countries like Russia and the USA are learning about this food, and are including it in their many delicious recipes. I believe that we should not be concentrated on such small things in the world like who was the first to create Lavash, but paying  Continue reading “Armenian Lavash, Tonir and Tradition”


To The Coffee Lovers

Armenian Coffee
Armenian Coffee

Armenian/Turkish Coffee

Coffee was found as early as 15th century today many countries enjoy drinking different kinds of coffee. Armenian method of making coffee has been around centuries. It is also some sort of tradition that Armenians enjoy every day, a social gathering of women who enjoy to talk and drink coffee as well as tell fortune telling, which would be another subject that I will cover in the future.

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The Light On A Candle

ArmeniaThis photo was taken in Geghardavank “The Monastery of Spear” located in the Kotayk province of Armenia. I traveled there about five years ago, and I love the beauty of every church and monastery in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

The candles in the churches have always been mysterious to me because of the way the candles located in the church and how they melt giving them different shapes. And every candle that a person lit represents their happiness, joy, loss, sorrow, protection, thanks to that people ask and give to the God.

This photo is especially striking because of the light coming through the church window, and the position of the candles and the light are parallel to each other. It gives an impression that the sun is shining on the candles giving the people the hope and the love of the higher power.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Share some of your thoughts and experiences in churches from different places. Leave a comment below.

Mother and Child

Huntington library, Los angeles

The Unconditional Love

This statue is located in the Rose Garden at the Huntington Library, Los Angeles. I took this photo with my black and white film camera; I thought it would give a statue older look. I used to love taking pictures with my film camera, and it gives more creativity to your mind. When I see this picture, I see an unconditional love of a mother for her child. These type of Greek statues have always given me chills, every time I look at them in real life, I feel like they are alive and every one of them speaks and tells their story.

The love, tenderness, uneasiness, protectiveness, and fear of a mother to her child. Without knowing what motherhood was, I imagined the difficulty of it, but I also saw the kind of love that cannot be found anywhere else and the unconditional love that I have always been searching and never finding until I had my children.

Armenian Dance


I was looking trough my photos, and I found this picture of Armenian girls dancing traditional Armenian dance next to the church. I always meant to post this picture on my page but never got to it. After finding it, I thought this could be a good photo to start my blog.

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